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 this delicious meal was cultivated from  about 5 years BC.

 And strangely, it has conquered the  whole world for the last 2000 years. Of  course, the extraordinary role of sauces  and culinary advances in making these  tomatoes famous should not be denied.  

 the tomatoes that Sani trading Group has  prepared for you, like all products under  the constant supervision and control of  the cultivation, surveillance, collection  and packaging unit of sani trading group.  

 Because Iran is a land of four seasons  and has many rivers and a very good soil  for agriculture, due to its close proximity  to the equator, crops have sufficient  sunlight.

 Tomatoes are high in vitamin c and  lycopene , vitamin A, thiamine niacin  and  antioxidant.

 And it's very good for the health of the  eyes, teeth and bones.

 According to research by the University  of Montreal, the plant can reduce the  chance of developing pancreatic cancer  by  up to 31%. It is also important for  the  health of the prostate glands.

Sani Trading Group

 Tomatoes will be a great physician and  great for all kinds of skin problems.

 This plant has the ability to regenerate  and rejuvenate your skin.

 It will also create a sun-like effect on  your skin. This red gem is just a few  clicks away.

  Sani Trading Group always provides you  the best quality.


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