Fresh & Dried Sweet JuJube

  Sani Trading Group

 Jujube is small tree that it’s height can be  rich to 10 meter .

 About it’s leaves it’s just like olives leaves  and also about this tree fruit again it’s just  like olives at the beginning , then after a  while it’s color and it’s taste change to be  red and sweet. Cause of this changes in  some countries people also count it as  dates.

 Sani trading group is supplying this  valuable fruit for you from the khorasan  city that it’s jujubes are so fame in the  world,

 Khorasan city is located in the East of Iran that there the whether condition is hot  & dry. And you know that it’s lead to a high quality and sweet jujube.

 Sani trading group all the time control and search for better quality and now we  provide the highest quality ever jujube that you need. You can ask for sample we  provide it freely for you , then you can compare it with other countries jujube ,  surly you admit that sani trading group jujube’s are the greatest one ever.

 Here we list some of the properties of jujube for you.

 You know it’s eatable it both two condition, I mean dried and fresh .

 Jujube have large amount of vitamin C that can improve the immune system of  your body.

 Jujube are so common in chines tea they believe that it is Elixir of health and  youth.

 Properties and benefits of jujube:

 1. Treatment of insomnia

 2. Increase your bone health

 3. Reduce stress and anxiety

 4. Anticancer effect

 5. Control your blood pressure

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