One apple a day keeps the doctors away...


 One of the oldest fruits in the world  is apples.

 Apple was first wildly produced in  Kazakhstan.

 This fruit is from the rose bush and  has many varieties. Including Red  Delicious, Gold Delicious, Fuji, Gala ,  Braeburn  and Honey Crisp that  these  species are well tolerated in  Iran.

 Iran is a four seasons land .

 It has  many cold and mountainous  regions.

 That is why Iranian apples  taste  and feature better than foreign  specimens.

 Also, the proximity of  the equator  and the appropriate  angle of  sunlight during the day will  improve  the Iranian apple products.

 Sani Trading Group

 Apples have special minerals that  prevent  many diseases of the nervous  and  musculoskeletal system.

 Apple is anti-cancer and reduces the  risk of  pancreatic cancer by 23% and  strengthens  the immune system.

 This fruit is extremely anti-cholesterol  and  reduces and controls it.

 also According to research by the Sani  Department of Commerce's Research  and  Quality Department, the fruit is  very  effective in treating, improving  and  preventing Alzheimer's and  asthma.

 We are proud to announce that we  have  provided the best quality of  Iranian tasty  apples for you.

 Sani Trading Group is always  proud to  work with you.

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