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 This sweet and popular fruit was  provided to you by Sani Trading Group.  This plant is one of the oldest known  species.

 The name of the tree is the palm  tree, and  according to our research, dates  grew  somewhere between Iran and Iraq.  After  a while it was exported from Iran  to India  and then to other parts of the  world.

 That is why it is the best quality of dates in the  world for Iranian dates and  later for Middle  Eastern dates.

 this fruit has more than 450 varieties,  that  100  of  which are cultivated in Iran.

 And due to Iran's excellent weather  conditions  for  date palm cultivation, this product in Iran  has the  best quality  than all date palms in the  world.

 Sani Trading Group provides three types of  Iranian  quality dates for you.

 1) piarom dates:

 The most delicious and most expensive date

  found in Iran is piarom dates.

 One of the special features of this date is that

  this date is organic.

 So that in the production process this date

 do not use agricultural pesticides.

 The thin shell of these dates is attached to its

 fruit and is generally similar to cocoa chocolate.

 These dates are quickly digested due to their fructose sugar and are very  suitable for start-up meals and snacks.

 This date is among the most exported dates in Iran.

 Because this date can be stored at varying degrees of air for a long time. You can order this wonderful date right now:

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 2) Zahedi date: This date is very nutritious and contains less sugar than other  dates. Its colour changes from dark brown to yellow. And it is one of the  most popular products and is well known. The easy storage conditions and  warehousing of this date, dryness, good durability and the reasonable price  have made the merchants interested in buying this date. This delicious and  high quality date is just a few clicks away.

 Sani Trading Group provide it for you :


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 Mazafati dates : this is well knowend  date in world , and also call it

 ‘black pearls’ . It’s totally black and so sweet.

 Most of  people also use this dates instead of sugar cubes .

 Mazafati dates are so trend between athlete and youth cause it’s lead to  better body improvement , increase the energy and increase your body  metabolism.

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 they all have a number of common properties, some of which we refer to:  Dates contain a variety of vitamins A_B_C_E and minerals and minerals  such as calcium, iodine, iron, potassium, magnesium.

 This fruit has a fast and interesting effect on human memory, especially  short-term human memory and enhances it.

 For this reason it is called date elixir and energy elixir. Date is also used to  prevent cancer, chest pain, and enhance sight power and hearing.

 Dates are among the foods that are used in all parts, even the hard core; The  deserters of Iran are making a very tasty coffee by roasting  its core, claiming  to be very energetic.

 They also make bread with flour of these cores.

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