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 This delicious edible seed is basically for the South America and it’s  propagate from this region to other part of the world. These edible seeds  are counted as Nuts. It’s part of the bean category.

 This delicious nut have many fans in the world. Cause although it’s so  delicious it’s have essential properties too.  One of the reasons that peanut  get so popular is that peanut is primary material of many factories such as  confectioneries, peanut cream & butter and bakeries. We are proud to  announce you ,we are supplying  top selected, highest quality peanut for  you. We supply (Astane-Ashrafiye City) peanuts that have great flavor and  astonishing properties, you know peanuts from Astane-Ashrafiye City is so  fame in the world.

 Iran is a Four season country, cause of high variety of climates in the Iran  most of the crops are cultivated there in the highest quality ever.

 Now pay attention to Sani trading group research about peanut , according  to our research Iranian peanut that we supply it for you , have 23% more  properties (such as minerals ) rather than the greatest other countries  peanut. Cause of  multiplicity of animal husbandry in this region so that  high quality and organic animal fertilizer   and sufficient water sources with  rich soil for agriculture lead to high quality peanuts. About the aroma and  flavor base on our taste it’s have 33% better aroma & flavor versus other  countries peanuts. So that cause of this two reasons that I say it’s more  popular among people and factories.

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 According to the scientists researches if you want to be healthy it’s  necessary to eat up 17 peanuts daily.

 Peanut contain fiber, antioxidant so that it’s help to better movement of  intestine and better digestive system function. And also antioxidant prevent  from cancer .

 Cause of huge amount of iron and calcium in peanuts so that it’s lead to  bone enhancement and improvement .

 Peanuts are rich source of vitamin B ,and base on researches eat at least 30  gram of peanut prevent from heart disease. And also peanuts contain niacin  that prevent from Alzheimer and improve your temporary memory  immediately .

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