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 Grape: One of the oldest fruits  in the world, even older than  palm.

 The name of this fruit is found  in most Bible books And  everyone agrees that this fruit  is a gift from God.

 And Sani Trading Company is  proud to provide the best  grape variety for you from a  country that is a member of  the top ten grape producing  countries (Iran)

 As you know, grapes have  many varieties that reach  more than 500 varieties.

 Sani Trading Group will  provide for you all kinds of  best grapes of Iran and  Middle East grape town  (malayer city).

 Among these grapes can be  referred to Raisins grape ,  Kondory, Shahani ,  Razeghi,  Askary , Yaghoti ,  Siah ,  Fakhry , Hoseini

 (Rish baba).

 Preventive and therapeutic  properties of this delicious  fruit are many and we will  now mention some of these  properties.

 One of the special properties  of grapes is the treatment of  Alzheimer's disease, which is  very common nowadays.

 One of the best ways to  prevent breast and colon  cancer is grapes and grape  juice.

 Grapes are very useful in  fighting  with diabetes and  lowering blood cholesterol.

 In the fall, asthmatic patients  become disadvantaged due to  high winds and allergies.

 But grapes will be an  effective therapist and  advocate for asthma patients

 We are proud to announce  that Sani Trading Company  provides you the best Iranian  grapes.

 We hope to have a constant  cooperation with you.

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