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 Pistachio: There are some commodities that  only have meaning together like: pistachio  and Iran.

 Four thousand years before Christ,  pistachios were planted in the wild and  later domesticated by farmers in Iran.

 The central and north eastern part of Iran  has a dry and scarce climate, and the  summer heat and winter cold make it  perfect for crop production like pistachios,  which is why the best and most expensive  pistachio in the world is Iranian pistachio.  Of course, the role of first-rate animal  fertilizers should also be mentioned.

 Sheep and cattle breeding is very common  in this region of Iran and there are the best  grasses and car plants in these areas that  makes high quality fertilizer reach pistachio  trees.

 There are more than 11 types of pistachios in Iran. But those pistachios that the Sani  Trading group has made for you is the best of the Iranian pistachios.

Super Long Pistachio (Akbari) : This  pistachio is the  tallest and largest  pistachio in the world.

 The delicious taste and the super-  properties  of this pistachio have  made many  popularity between the  people of the world.

 This is a natural open pistachio and  about the  size (base on 1 ounce) it’s  available between : 18/20,20/22 and  22/24 .

 One of the advantages of Sani  Trading  Company is to provide the  product  according to your order.  You order. We will  provide you the  best.

2)Long pistachio (Ahmad Aghaei) : This pistachio is one of the oldest varieties of pistachio in Iran which has a very pleasant taste.And Sani Trading Group's suggestion is that you taste this sweet emerald at least once. This pistachio is also natural Open and natural dried ,is available in different sizes according to your order. This delicious pistachio is just a few clicks away. Order now and enjoy.

3) Jumbo Pistachio ( Kele Ghuchi ): There is a saying in Farsi that don't  look at how small pepper is, eat it to see how tang it is!!! We can say that  the Jumbo pistachio is one of the most delicious in the world.And one of  the most commonly used pistachios in the world. I am proud to announce  that Sani trading Group will provide this kind of pistachio in the natural  Open style and size of your choice.

4) Round Pistachio (Fandoghi) : A delicious circular pistachio, this  pistachio is almost perfectly round, with a delicious pulp and the same  excellent taste of  natural open pistachio and as much as your favorite  ounce prepared by Sani Trading Group for your order. Order now .

 The Properties and benefits of pistachios or (nuts) are many, but some of  them are now mentioned.:

 Potassium is essential for heart health and

 lowering blood pressure.

 And it's interesting to know that the

 Potassium in a pistachio is higher than

the potassium in a lemon.

 And the potassium in two pistachios is more

 than a banana or mango.

 Phosphorus is another substance that is

 essential for bone formation and tooth strength.

 And pistachios will provide the right amount of phosphorus you need.  Pistachio contains high amounts of B and E vitamins, which are essential  for relaxing the nerves and improving brain function.

 Pistachio makes your brain perform best. These nuts can prevent the  development of many diseases, including cancer.

 Pistachio has the highest amount of antioxidant among all the nuts and  also has high fiber content. So it is a health potion.

 Sani trading Group is proud to announce that it provides the best quality  for your loved ones.

 We hope to be your best and most trusted business partner.

 And  to work together permanently.

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 The seed kernels can be eaten fresh , dried or roasted. That all of this  types is also available for you.

 Pistachios also use commonly in  a variety of desserts, like : ice-cream ,  cakes , Baklava and Halvah .


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