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 Saffron is one of the most used and most seasoned spices in the world.  It is a family of Iridescent .This plant, in addition to its essential oil  and colour , has amazing aroma and wonder properties.

 These spices  have long and difficult production stages.  In such a way  that some of  the leaves come out of the middle of the onion or the  onion base, with  a narrow, elongated leaf, and a flowering branch  emerges from the  middle of these leaves. this plant  has six petals and  three saffron  flags. That is, each flower will have only three branches  of saffron.

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 One of the important factors about saffron quality for merchant and  costumers is saffron crocin , base on our laboratory results all of our  saffron crocin is in the highest level.

 Cause of essential geographical location of Iran  and suitable soil for  agriculture ,it’s our pleasure to announce we provide Top Selected  Superior Iranian saffron for you , that every one know that the greatest  saffron ever in the world wide is just for Iran.

 Many countries now produce saffron in the world, but the  most compatible ecosystem for this plant is in Iran and in  the city of Qaenat .

 for this reason, Most beautiful , most aromatic and the best  saffron is for Iran.

How to operate the goods and dry them properly requires some technical knowledge that Sani Trading Company performs these steps in the best way by using experts in the food industry.

Types of saffron: Super Negin, Sargol, Poshal, Bunch

 Medicinal properties of saffron include increased  immunity, increased blood circulation, protection of heart  health, control of diabetes, reduction of anxiety and  depression, improvement of nerve function, prevention of  cancer and strengthening of bone strength.

 This special, expensive and useful spice is now provided  by Sani Trading Goroup. And with just a few clicks you  can buy this special spice with the finest quality that made  from the best farms in Iran with a wonderful colour and a  pleasant aroma. Our long experience with businessmen,  prompt response and best quality and price as per  customer's demand has made Sani Trading Group one of  the top business groups in recent years. Your cooperation  and satisfaction is our honour.

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